This database represents the holdings at ARC and those at Columbia University Libraries. Data on thousands of recordings was graciously donated by Gracenote (20,000 CDs. Ah, but without any catalog numbers). The last field "source" tells you where we got the information, where the data is from or where the recording is located. "ARC" in source means we own it - thats about 4,500 recordings. Properly identifying classical recordings from India from published discographies and sales lists present a great many difficulties, both with titles and artist. Titles are often not specific, but an entire list of what's on an album or just the first composition. Artist names can just be just a first initial, and worse, just a last name. Misspellings by manufacturers and catalogers are common. Film music lists often ignore both the artists and composers.

The search box does a find in all fields you see, and some you don’t - so you can also search by genre, style, geographical region or country. Hit the field name to sort by that field. Much info will be arriving daily and we will try to keep up.